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Cathy Coleman

LGPG owner 

Since coming to tennis later in my life, I have become absolutely passionate about all aspects of tennis: playing, coaching, and organising opportunities for others to play.

I played many other sports in the earlier years of my life, but tennis to me ticks all the boxes... there is the physical challenge of being able to get yourself into the right position at the right time, there is the mental challenge with both yourself and your opponent, and then there is the social aspect of tennis that is long reaching. It is a game in which everyone can participate at a level that suits their situation.

I have been formally coaching tennis for over 9 years and am a firm believer that it's never too late to learn or to improve. There are people playing tennis competitively well into their 80s, which I find inspirational!

Cathy Coleman LGPG Tennis

The story behind my brand...

Finding suitable tennis outfits in New Zealand has been a mission for years! Have you, like me, got fed up with the long process of trawling through online stores to find tennis gear, only to be disappointed at the checkout that they wouldn't deliver to NZ or the shipping cost was astronomical? Have you also visited pro shop after retail shop to find nothing flattering... or even in your size? Don’t even talk about trying to find an attractive team uniform: a style that suited all shapes and sizes turned out to be just fantasy. I kept thinking there must be a better solution. I was certain that New Zealand women and girls deserved to have more options, as we tennis players all know that if you feel good and are comfortable on court, your confidence levels are high and you can just concentrate on playing your best game.

So, LPGP tennis clothing launched in 2018 and the range is exclusively available online.  Having NZ made means that I can personally oversee the quality of the garments. My manufacturer understands our sizing and that we kiwi ladies don't like our sports garments to be too short. We like things a little looser and, while we are big fans of black, we would also like a few colourful options on court. I am here to listen to what NZ women want.  Talk to me  if you are trying to find a different colour or style. I can also work with you to design team outfit or club uniform that appeals to all. 

My motto is to “Look good and play good tennis”.

2020: The story continues >


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